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Chemical Peels in Middletown, NJ

Chemical peels are an excellent way to refresh the skin’s appearance in one of the least invasive manners. At Allure Plastic Surgery Center’s MedSpa in Red Bank, NJ, patients can get chemical peels and other non-invasive procedures to improve their appearance.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

Multi-exfoliating treatments are designed to transform your skin, with a unique blend of Jessner & TCA peels. It is most effective in reducing superficial lines and advanced wrinkles, improving skin texture, assisting in clearing acne/blemished skin, and correcting and lightening sun-damaged skin.

Using a chemical solution, a chemical peel is a minimally invasive procedure that removes damaged outer layers of the skin to produce skin with a smooth texture that looks refreshed and soft.

Benefits of a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are often recommended because they have the following benefits:

  • Improve the appearance of the skin
  • Diminish skin discoloration
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of scars

How Is a Chemical Peel Performed?

Chemical peels are minimally invasive procedures during which a peeling solution is applied to the face for a certain amount of time and then a neutralizing solution is applied to stop the chemical peel process. Depending on the extent of the treatment, chemical peels are classified in three categories: light, medium, and deep peels.

  • Light peels: This type of chemical peel is the most superficial and typically allows patients to go on about their day immediately following the procedure. There is no pain or discomfort and the treatment takes the least amount of time to perform. With light peels, the results are subtle and often require multiple treatments for significant improvement.
  • Medium peels: Medium peels are recommended to treat acne scars, deeper wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. The solution is brushed on and left for a few minutes with some mild stinging. Following the treatment, a saline compress is usually placed on the skin to reduce any discomfort. With this treatment, the solution removes the outer layer of skin, as well as the first part of the middle layer of skin and may leave the skin reddish brown. It can take a few weeks to return to a completely normal appearance.
  • Deep peels: Deep peels are more invasive as the solution used penetrates to the lower dermal layer of the skin. This type of peel is ideal for sun-damaged skin as well as scars, precancerous growths, and areas that are very blotchy. For deep chemical peels, a local anesthetic and sedative are often used to manage discomfort. Following the procedure, an ointment is typically applied to help with the discomfort and healing process, or sometimes bandages are applied with medication to aid in healing. Patients are allowed to go home to recuperate.

At Allure Plastic Surgery Center’s MedSpa, we use the following chemical peels:

Obagi Blue Peels®

Obagi Blue Peels® are in-office chemical peel procedures designed to improve the appearance and health of your skin, rejuvenating skin with acne scars, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and sun damage. It uses a low concentration of the chemical trichloroacetic acid (TCA) mixed with a special blue base to slow penetration. The blue peel is monitored as it proceeds to the appropriate depth to effectively remove the thin surface layers of aged and damaged skin from the face. Ms. Fey can also determine the number of coats that need to be applied to accommodate your skin’s specific needs. Obagi Blue Peels® can also be used on the neck and chest area.


SkinMedica® is a ground-breaking line of professional skin care products designed to reduce the signs of aging and enhance your skin’s appearance. Through research and testing, scientists at SkinMedica® have created a formula that combines key ingredients such as growth factors, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, retinoids, and hyaluronic acids to bring back the skin’s natural glow and youthful appearance.

In addition to their skin care products, SkinMedica® has designed a line of chemical peels available through approved physicians. These peels are designed to diminish fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduce age spots and smooth the skin. SkinMedica® offers three chemical peels for different types of skin:

  • Illuminize Peel®. This is designed to correct very mild imperfections and brighten the skin’s appearance. This peel is ideal for those who are new to chemical peels. The results are instant and do not involve any skin flaking.
  • Vitalize Peel®. Created for mild to moderate skin issues, Vitalize Peel® helps diminish minor imperfections such as fine, surface lines and wrinkles and rough areas. Most patients who choose this peel receive a series of treatments to maximize the benefits of the peel with little to no peeling or flaking following the treatments.
  • Rejuvenize Peel™. The strongest of the three, patients who have had other peels and are more tolerant to them may benefit from this formula once the others produce much less skin shedding. With this peel, there may be some slight redness and flaking following the treatments. Most patients can expect three to six treatments to see the full results.


NeoCutis® NEO-Peel is an in-office, superficial chemical peel created to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles and dark spots while evening the skin tone and texture to return skin to a refreshed and healthy appearance by combining glycolic acid with skin brightening agents to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and uneven skin tone and texture and help promote renewed smoothness and radiance.

PCA Peels

PCA Skin® is a leader in skin care when it comes to developing professional chemical peels and advanced topical solutions that are gentle to the skin yet still yield the results similar to those that come with more after-effects such as peeling, flaking, and redness. PCA peels offer several formulas that are scientifically proven to enhance the skin’s health and restore a more youthful appearance.

ZO® Obagi

ZO® chemical peels are effective chemical peels to treat the effects of aging and the environment. They remove the outer layer of the skin and go deeper into the skin’s layers to increase cellular function. ZO® chemical peels also improve and correct acne, melasma, sun damage, fine lines, texture, large pores, and dullness. Safe for most any skin type and color, the goal is softer, smooth, and healthy skin.

Preparing for a Chemical Peel

Preparing for chemical peels often involves pre-treating the skin with Retin-A, alpha-hydroxy acid, or a bleaching agent for several weeks prior to the actual chemical peel depending on the type of peel. Those patients who are more susceptible to fever blisters and cold sores are typically given an anti-viral prescription to take one week prior to the chemical peel and up to two weeks following the peel. Those who are in the sun are told to wear total sun block to prevent any sun exposure. On the day of the treatment, we suggest patients come with a make-up free face that is clean and ready for the treatment.

Recovery from a Chemical Peel

The recovery from a chemical peel depends on the type of peel used. For light peels, there may be some redness and dryness which goes away within a day or two although it may take several weeks to see the full results of a light chemical peel. Many patients undergo several treatments with light chemical peels.

Medium chemical peels involve a few days at home letting the face heal from the peel as well as ointment on the face to help speed the healing process. Many patients elect to undergo medium chemical peels toward the end of the week so they can recuperate over the weekend.

The most recovery is with the deep peel where it is recommended patients stay home for about two weeks after which time makeup is allowed. The first few days following the procedure involve swelling, some discomfort, and redness, crusting, and peeling of the skin. While the swelling is gone within two weeks, the redness may last several weeks. With deep chemical peels, the results may take the most time to appear but they may last up to 10 years.

How Much Do Chemical Peels Cost?

The cost of chemical peels is based on the type of chemical peel and the extent of the treatment needed to achieve desired results. These treatments are customized to fit each patient’s skin type and complexion; therefore, there is no specific fee. During a consultation to determine the best option, we can go over costs with you as well as our payment options. We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards along with financing through CareCredit®. Because chemical peels are considered cosmetic procedures, health insurance plans rarely cover any of the costs of these treatments.

Are Chemical Peels Right for Me?

Patients who want to smooth the skin on the face by diminishing fine lines, freckles, certain sun damage, signs of aging, and some pre-cancerous growths are often ideal candidates for chemical peel treatments.

Why Choose Allure Plastic Surgery Center’s MedSpa for Chemical Peels?

Our MedSpa features the work of our skin care consultant, Audrey Fey. With over 25 years of experience in the skin care industry, she has vast knowledge of treating skin with chemical peel solutions. Additionally, the MedSpa at Allure Plastic Surgery Center has a very caring staff that works hard to ensure that each patient receives the best possible service and comfort.

What to Expect During Your Chemical Peel Consultation

During your consultation with Audrey Fey, she will get a complete medical history and current health update, evaluate your skin and talk with you about what you would like out of a chemical peel. Following this, she will make a recommendation on the best way to achieve the goals you want while walking you through the process of each option. She will take time to answer any questions you may have about the chemical peels to make sure you are comfortable and confident in this treatment.

At Allure Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. John Taylor offers plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures as well as non-invasive advanced skin care treatments to patients in Red Bank, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Contact us to set up your consultation today.

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