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Laser Hair Removal in Middletown, NJ

More and more men and women are looking to laser hair removal to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. At Allure Plastic Surgery Center, our skin care specialist, Audrey Fey, performs laser hair removal on patients in Red Bank, NJ, who have unwanted hair and never want to shave, wax, or tweeze again.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted hair on the body. With laser removal, light energy and radiofrequency are emitted and absorbed through the skin to the hair follicles. Once there, the energy turns to heat and deactivates the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The radiofrequency is used to offset the light energy so there is little to no discomfort. With laser hair removal, most any area of the body, except around the eyes, can be treated.

What Is Ellipse® IPL Laser Hair Removal?

Ellipse® IPL Laser Hair Removal is the latest, most innovative hair removal system available. Faster than any other IPL hair removal system, the Ellipse® treats almost any skin type. With Ellipse® IPL laser hair removal treatment, short bursts of light precisely hit the hair follicle, creating a heat reaction with the hair root that kills it. Studies show that after 10 years, 77 percent of the hair has not returned. Patients can expect excellent hair clearance after four to six treatments.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become more popular than ever because it offers the following benefits:

  • Long lasting
  • Highly targeted to a specific area
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Removes the possibility for ingrown hairs

Benefits of Ellipse® IPL Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become more and more popular over the years. With the Ellipse® IPL laser hair removal, the benefits include the following:

  • More permanent hair removal than with other hair removal treatments
  • Long-term results
  • No downtime
  • No discomfort during the treatments
  • Increased self-image

How Are Ellipse® IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatments Performed?

With the Ellipse® IPL laser hair removal system, bursts of light penetrate the skin’s surface and are absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle. When this happens, the light causes a heat reaction at the follicle which destroys it and leaves the area unable to grow hair. The light is carefully controlled to deliver just the right amount of energy to destroy the hair follicle, leaving surrounding tissue healthy.

It is important to note that this treatment works on hairs in the growing stage that are attached to the hair follicle. Therefore, it takes several treatments to effectively remove hair from the desired area with at least one month between treatments.

Ellipse® IPL laser hair removal treatments are appropriate for any area of the body including the back, chest, bikini area, and legs. These treatments are virtually painless in delivering permanent hair reduction and smoother skin.

Preparation for Laser Hair Removal

Most of the preparation for laser hair removal comes a few weeks prior to the first session. It is very important to follow these tips to ensure success with laser hair removal:

  • Avoid waxing or depilatory creams for a few weeks prior to the first session
  • Stay out of the sun or use SPF 50+ for a few weeks prior to treatments
  • Shave targeted areas 24 hours prior to the treatments

Recovery from Laser Hair Removal

Immediately following laser hair removal, the treated area may be red and somewhat irritated. This usually goes away within a day or two; however, it is important to stay out of the sun and avoid any shaving or waxing until it does. Most patients resume their normal day-to-day activities immediately following each treatment.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The cost of laser hair removal varies with each patient depending on the number of areas to be treated and the extent of the area. During your consultation, we can discuss the cost as well as our payment options with you. We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards in addition to offering financing through CareCredit®. We ask that the full payment be made in advance of the treatment for all cosmetic procedures.

Is Ellipse® IPL Laser Hair Removal Right for Me?

If you have areas of your body with excess amounts of hair that cause you to be self-conscious and you have a strong desire to have the hair permanently reduced or removed, then Ellipse® IPL laser hair removal treatments are an excellent option to achieve the desired look.

Why Choose Allure Plastic Surgery Center for Ellipse® IPL Laser Hair Removal?

Allure Plastic Surgery Center is the only practice in the state of New Jersey which offers laser hair removal with the Ellipse® system. It is a state-of-the-art system that removes unwanted hair at this level. Dr. Taylor and Audrey Fey work hard to stay current with the latest technologies so that they can provide patients with the utmost care and treatment. We offer a calm environment so patients are at ease when coming to us for cosmetic procedures and treatments.

What to Expect During Your Ellipse® IPL Laser Hair Removal Consultation

During your Ellipse® IPL laser hair removal consultation, Dr. Taylor or Audrey Fey will evaluate the areas of concern where you have excess or unwanted hair to determine the best options for removal and determine how many treatments it may take to achieve your desired look. Your questions will be answered as you are walked through the entire hair removal process.

At Allure Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. John Taylor offers plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures as well as non-invasive advanced skin care treatments to patients in Red Bank, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Contact us to set up your consultation today.