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Therapeutic Massage in Middletown, NJ

Allure Plastic Surgery Center offers a range of wellness and cosmetic services through our MedSpa. With our therapeutic massage treatments, patients can enjoy our relaxing spa environment while relieving stress, pain and more. We welcome patients from Middletown, Red Bank and the surrounding areas of New Jersey.

What Is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage involves a range of massage techniques that manipulate the muscles and skin tissue to produce health and wellness benefits. At the MedSpa at Allure Plastic Surgery Center, our team of certified massage therapists specialize in a number of massage techniques to help you relax and unwind. From deep tissue massage to lymphatic drainage massage, we offer massage therapies for the face, body, hands and more.

What are the Benefits of Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage is a relaxing treatment that can produce both immediate and long-lasting benefits. These include:

  • Reduced pain and soreness
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mobility
  • Improved circulation
  • Lowered heart rate and blood pressure

How Much Does Therapeutic Massage Cost?

The cost of therapeutic massages at Allure Plastic Surgery Center’s MedSpa will vary depending on the massage techniques used and the duration of your massage. We encourage patients to contact us and discuss their treatment needs so that we can inform you of the pricing for your therapeutic massage services. For your convenience, we accept payment options that include cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

Why Choose Allure Plastic Surgery Center’s MedSpa for Therapeutic Massage?

At Allure Plastic Surgery Center, we treat all of our patients with warmth and respect. We strive to make your MedSpa experience not only effective, but also relaxing and enjoyable. Our skin care consultant, Audrey Fey, ensures that you are well-informed about our services so you can make the best decision for you. Furthermore, our staff of certified massage therapists are skilled in a range of massage techniques to offer you a comfortable and rejuvenating massage experience.

What to Expect During Your Therapeutic Massage

On the day of your therapeutic massage, patients are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. We’ll escort you to our private massage therapy room, where you’ll be able to undress in preparation for your massage. You may choose to remove your undergarments or leave them on. After you are comfortably positioned on the massage table, your massage therapist will begin the therapeutic massage while you relax and enjoy the benefits of treatment.

Allure Plastic Surgery Center’s MedSpa is the premier location for therapeutic massage, cosmetic services and other wellness services. Located in Red Bank, New Jersey, we welcome patients from Middletown, Shrewsbury, Fair Haven and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your massage today.

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