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GeneID Preventest in Middletown, NJ

Prevent Disease by Knowing Your Genetic Traits

Diseases can strike anyone at anytime. And, as with any disease or cancer, knowledge and early detection are the keys to survival. GeneID™ is revolutionizing the concept of customized healthcare by assisting you and your physicians in obtaining a detailed genetic profile that will help you take the necessary precautions to ward off possible diseases.

What is GeneID™?

GeneID™ is a molecular laboratory that works with healthcare providers to determine if you are predisposed to any cancers or diseases. GeneID™ performs molecular testing for physicians and their patients to create a genetic profile detailing any possible gene mutations. Instead of just testing for a single gene alteration, GeneID™ puts together different comprehensive panels according to the type of cancer. GeneID™ gives you the knowledge to take preventative procedures to keep you healthy and disease free.

How Does GeneID™ Work?

GeneID™ uses next generation microchip DNA sequencing to search for common gene mutations within your body. With just a small tissue sample, GeneID™ assists your physician in screening you for possible disease risks. From there, they work with your doctor in diagnosing and creating a personalized drug therapy treatment that’s matched with your genetic profile for optimal results. GeneID™ makes customized treatment possible.

GeneID™ also offers the first Comprehensive Cancer Risk Assessment test called Preventest™. Preventest™ determines your risk for developing up to eight prevalent cancers, including: breast, ovarian, colorectal, endometrial, pancreas, prostate, stomach and skin. Preventest™ panels can reveal cancer before it strikes, giving you ample time to take preventative steps.

Benefits of GeneID™ Testing

  • Provides a whole comprehensive molecular profile.
  • Eliminates unnecessary worry.
  • Determines your risk of developing specific cancers or diseases.
  • Provides expert interpretation of results.
  • Helps physicians create personalized drug therapy treatments.
  • Non-invasive procedure with results in just three days.

Who Is A Good Candidate For GeneID™ Testing?

People who have a personal or family history of cancer are good candidates for GeneID™ testing. Anyone can benefit, as GeneID™ can eliminate unnecessary worry by assessing your risk for specific health conditions. You may also be a good candidate if you are currently suffering from an illness and are in need of treatment. GeneID™ can help your physician in selecting a therapy that will be most responsive to your body.

Will Insurance Pay For GeneID™ Testing?

Most commercial and federal insurance plans will pay a portion of the cost of testing, if not all of it. You can contact our GeneID™ lab prior to testing to determine your out-of-pocket responsibilities.

If you have any questions regarding GeneID™, please contact Richard Krug, rich@genetic-screen.com, (908) 433-2345.

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