A body lift is surgery to remove excess fat and loose, sagging skin of the abdomen, sides, lower back, buttocks, groin and thighs. Aging, sun damage, pregnancy and extreme weight loss may contribute to poor skin elasticity that results in irregular body contours. In many of these individuals, diet and exercise will never be enough. A body lift is the only method of body contouring that can restore body shape, skin appearance and skin tone. While revealing smoother, more natural body contours it can also potentially improve the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

Dr. Taylor feels that good candidates are healthy, non-smokers with significant soft tissue looseness in one or multiple body areas. Body lifts are appropriate for individuals who are of stable weight, have realistic goals in mind and a positive outlook. Women should not be planning future pregnancies.

Dr. Taylor performs this procedure in fully accredited hospitals and surgical facilities under general anesthesia. The time needed is highly individualized depending on the degree of correction needed but a minimum of 4 hours of surgery time would be required.

Incision patterns vary based on the areas to be treated. A lower body lift commonly uses incisions similar to a circumferential bikini pattern to tighten the abdomen, groin, waist, thighs and buttocks. An "apron" of excess fat and skin are removed as the remaining tissue is repositioned to improve contours. Liposuction, brachioplasty and breast lifts may be used in conjunction with this technique to achieve optimum results. Once the procedure is completed dressings are placed over the incisions and support garments are worn to minimize swelling and support the new body contours. Small, thin tubes are temporarily placed under the skin to drain excess blood and fluid.

Initial healing will include swelling and discomfort. Pain is controlled with prescribed oral medication and antibiotics are taken to prevent infection. Patients are encouraged to walk as soon as possible to avoid the possible formation of blood clots in the legs. However, bending, straining and lifting should be avoided for several days and strenuous exercise should be avoided for up to 6 weeks. Within a few weeks patients are able to return to work, standing tall and confident in their new slimmer profile. Most numbness will resolve in a few months. It may take over a year for the incision lines to refine and fade. The body's new uplifted contours should be long lasting providing the patient maintains a stable weight and general fitness. And although most improvements are relatively permanent, it's natural to lose some firmness with age.

Call Dr. John Taylor today to schedule your personalized consultation and see if a body lift is your answer to achieving a firmer, more youthful body contour.

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